"Legendarium" is a word created by J.R.R. Tolkien to describe the entire universe of Middle Earth.  We borrowed the word here to denote the ever-growing universe of blogs, websites, and online resources focusing on topics of interest to our readers. These links are offered solely for our readers' education. The inclusion of a link here should not be interpreted as an endorsement or agreement with any, or all, of the posts, articles, imagery, reviews, recommendations or other content to which that link may direct.  Moreover, no representation is being made as to whether the sites listed below are safe from malware, viruses, and the like.  Readers are always encouraged to exercise caution when visiting any online links.

This page is updated periodically.  If you have a site you would like included in our list, removed from our list, or feel that a site has been miscategorized, please let us know.  See Making Contact page.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Digger - Ancient Digger is an archaeology and history website with many informative articles geared mainly for those with an interest in studying archaeology.

Ancient History Encyclopedia - This is a wonderful resource for all ages, with many well-written articles about the ancient world.  A must-read for anyone interested in ancient history.

Ancient History Fangirl - If you thought history could not possibly also be entertaining, then you have not experienced Ancient History Fangirl. Jenny and Genn are the hosts of a podcast by the same name. They approach ancient history - a subject typically dominated by male opinions that denigrate or sideline women - with a refreshingly unapologetic female-empowering point of view. While they are serious about their history, they both have great senses of humor, and as a result, their podcast is laugh out loud funny at times. It is definitely worth a listen. You will be hooked!

AncientOrigins - This website features numerous articles on history and myth as well as human origins and historical mysteries.

Archaeologica - Updated daily, this website offers links to the most recent archaeological finds from around the world.  It also offers podcasts in addition to written web content.

Archaeology - A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, this online magazine feature articles on various topics and cutting-edge issues in the field of archaeology.

BBC History - Website from the BBC, has an extensive collection of historical information from all periods, including ancient history.

Bibliography of Ancient Egypt - Frequently updated list of books (both novels and scholarly works) ebooks, and videos on ancient Egypt.

Egyptology Resources - Established in 1994, this website from the Fitzwilliam Museum says it was the first website devoted to Egyptology on the Internet.  It contains many useful resources and links to additional information on the subject of Egyptology.

Forgotten Books - This wonderful site is dedicated to restoring old books into ebook form, and claims to have over 276,000 volumes.  These volumes can either be read online or downloaded for free; however, a premium membership is required to view all pages of the books. Not everything on its "shelves" is historical, mythological or devoted to folklore.  However, there are many historical categories, including ancient and medieval history as well as topics on mythology. 

The Griffith Institute - This website is the world's largest archive of research material on ancient Egypt.  Excellent information to be found here for both adults and children.

History Blog, The - This is a well-written blog site devoted to all historical time periods.

History of the World Podcast - This site is the hub for all the excellent work of a chap named Chris Hasler who produces an excellent podcast called History of the World, which as of March 2020, is in its third volume. The podcast is a favorite of ours here at MythBeliefs, and we cannot recommend it highly enough. In addition to the podcast, however, Chris's website offers many additional features, including links to interesting historical content, a bibliography of resources, and an interactive page where listeners to the podcast can get involved through social media and a discussion forum.  If you are looking for a thorough, well researched, yet approachable and objective history podcast, look no further. This is the podcast for you.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Published by Fordham University, this site is a leading resource for information and materials about the ancient world.

Kidipede:  History for Kids - Excellent website with information about various historical topics aimed at a younger audience.

Livius.org - A website with articles about ancient history, with emphasis on Rome and Greece.

Oriental Institute Research Archives - Maintained by the University of Chicago, this is an excellent collection of materials and links to resources for the study of the ancient Near East.

Smithsonian.com - This is a go-to website for all that the Smithsonian Institution has to offer. The site features scholarly articles on a wide variety of historical and archaeological topics as well as science and culture.

World Mysteries - This website is a bit of a mix of history and the "unexplained," but it does have some interesting articles on ancient ruins, artifacts, places, writings, and religion.

History, Biblical Specifically

Bible-History.com - Excellent site for a wide variety of topics related to Bible history, including geography, archaeology, customs, names, children's resources, and more.

History, Medieval or Middle Ages Specifically

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook - Like its companion site, The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook (see above), this site is operated by Fordham University.  A great resource for information and materials about the medieval world.

Medieval Chronicles - Excellent website full of articles and images about everything medieval.  Great research and resource site.

Medievalists.net - Great website for anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about the Middle Ages.

NetSerf.org - NetSerf.org calls itself "the Internet Connection for Medieval Resources."

The Orb.net - The Orb.net is also known as the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies. It is unclear how often - or whether - the site is regularly updated.

Legend & Folklore

American Folklore - This excellent website covers all topics, including ghost stories, urban legends, and tall tales.

American Folklore Society - home page for the American Folklore Society, an organization devoted to the study of folklore and connecting those interested in folklore.  Organization has many activities, sections, and publications available to its members.

Fairy Room - This site states it has over 200 articles to browse on various fairy tale-themed topics such as art, collectibles, fiction & literature, costumes, folklore, gaming and more.  The site's book reviews and artworks seem especially good.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts - Online library of folklore and mythology in electronic format maintained by Univ. of Pittsburg.

Orkneyjar - The Orkney Islands in Scotland comprise one of the most mystical and magical places on Earth.  This site is a gateway for all things historical and mythical about the Orkney Islands.

Sur La Lune Fairytales - Happened upon this site quite by accident, and fell in love with it instantly. This site contains 40 familiar - and not-so-well-known - fairy tales, all of which are annotated. Annotations are particularly helpful if you are researching fairy tales/folklore, or you are simply interested in delving deeper into the meanings behind the imagery of certain stories.  For each annotated tale, the site also links to "illustrations" associated with the annotated story; "similar tales across all cultures," and "modern interpretations," which features current works re-telling fairy stories.  You won't find all fairy tales annotated here, but what you will find a treasure trove of information and other goodies related to folklore and fairy tales.  Strongly encourage you to check out this site if this area is one in which you are interested.

Western States Folklore Society - Formerly known as the California Folklore Society, this site is a great resource for those interested in "the study of regional, national, and international folklore in all its aspects."

World Folklore Photographers' Association - Professional association for individuals who photograph folklore items or practices.


Academy for Ancient Texts - Online library of ancient mythologies, legends and other resources archived by country, culture or religion.

Classical Mythology - Online textbook from an authoritative source, Oxford University Press.  Excellent resource for students.

Classical Myth - The Ancient Sources - Website seeks to connect images of Greek mythology available on the Internet with original texts.

Encyclopedia Mythica/Pantheon - One of the best, most well-regarded websites devoted to mythology, folklore, and religion from six geographical regions - Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.

GodChecker.com - Boasting over 3,000 supreme beings, spirits, and demons, GodChecker.com is a comprehensive resource for mythological research.

GreekMythology.com - Website describes itself as having information on all subjects of Greek mythology, including some full texts, and all information freely usable by students, researchers and enthusiasts.

Internet Sacred Text Archive - An excellent, freely available archive of the world's religions, mythology, folklore and legends, the occult, and esoteric topics.

Mythography - This website describes itself as an exploration of mythology and art by looking at ancient Greek, Roman and Celtic information.

Paleothea - Website devoted to the study of women in Greek mythology, focusing on goddesses, female mortals, nymphs, Amazons, and monsters.  Very unique website!

SacredFire - Website devoted to Celtic heritage and mythology.

Theoi - A comprehensive website devoted to the study of Greek mythology through classical literature and art.

Windows to the Universe - Website maintained by National Earth Science Teachers Association, has "culture" tab that links to excellent information and resources on mythology.

Spirituality & Theology

Patheos.com - Founded in 2008, Patheos describes itself as "the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality."  The site is non-denominational and categorized by faith channels, including a channel for atheists.

RiseEarth.com - An excellent website covering a variety of topics related to spirituality and overall wellness.

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