Jan 26, 2019

Mythology Trivia Challenge - Can You Name These Lesser-Known Greek Deities? No Cheating!


1.  God of Light?

2.  God of Darkness?

3.  God of Medicine?

4.  God of the North Wind?

5.  God of Opportunity, Luck?

6.  The nothingness that all else sprung from?

7.  God of the East Wind?

8.  The Evening Star?

9.  God of Sleep?

10.  God of Dreams?

11.  God of Strength, Power?

12.  God of the South Wind?

13.  God of Nature/Shepherds?

14.  The Morning Star?

15.  God of Wealth?

16.  God of Fertility?

17.  God of Death?

18.  God of Rivalry, Envy, Jealousy?

19.  God of the West Wind?

20.  BONUS QUESTION:  Who was the "Father of all Monsters" in Greek mythology?



1.  Aether

2.  Erebus

3.  Asclepius

4.  Boreas

5.  Caerus

6.  Chaos

7.  Eurus

8.  Hesperus

9.  Hypnos

10.  Morpheus

Pan & Daphnis
11.  Kratos

12.  Notus

13.  Pan

14.  Phosphorus

15.  Plutus

16.  Priapus

17.  Thanatos

18.  Zelus

19.  Zephyrus


Typhon.  The last son of Gaia, Typhon was considered the deadliest of all monsters in Greek mythology.  He is typically represented as a dragon-like, serpentine creature.  He was the god of monsters, storms, and volcanoes.  In the war between the Titans and the Olympians, Typhon challenged Zeus for dominion over Mount Olympus.  Zeus defeated Typhon and banished him to Tartarus.  Later, Hercules was asked to kill Typhon as one of his 12 Labors. 

Below is an artist rendering of Typhon, depicting him as a giant, winged creature with dragons for his fingers.


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