Nov 27, 2013

What Is Unique About Thanksgiving 2013?

Traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving is a special holiday time in the US.  This year's Thanksgiving date, however, is even more unique.  Think you know why?

This year, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincide.  This has not happened since 1888.  Although typically celebrated in December, according to Wikipedia, Hanukkah is an eight day festival starting on the 25th day of Kislev, commemorated in the Hebrew calendar.  Kislev is the 3rd

month of the civil year and the 9th month of the ecclesiastical year, according to the Hebrew calendar. 

Consequently, the date for Hannukah can occur anytime from late November to late December, as measured by the Gregorian calendar.  The coincidence that Hannukah is happening at the same time as Thanksgiving will not happen again for another 77,798 years.

You can read more about this year's mega-holiday here.

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