Nov 3, 2013

Lost City Of Giants Found?

A team of explorers and researchers believe they may have found the fabled Lost City of Giants in an Ecuadorian jungle, reports

According to the article, the team discovered a large, pyramidal structure in a highly remote area of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.  The area is not one commonly known to the outside world, or even to many locals.  The pyramidal structure measures 80 sq. meters at its base, with a height also of 80 meters, and is made of stones weighing as much as 2 tonnes.  However, unlike the pyramids at Giza in Egypt, for example, the Ecuadorian pyramid has a flat top, suspected to be a platform for religious ceremonies.

Tools discovered at the Ecuadorian site
Even more interesting, however, are the tools and artifacts found around the pyramid.  According to the team of explorers, many of the tools are of a type or size that would make them difficult to use by typical humans.  This has led the team to speculate that they may have discovered the legendary Lost City of Giants known in Ecuadorian and Amazonian lore.  In fact, he bones of giant-sized humankind have already been found in caves in other parts of Ecuador.

In addition, legends of giants are common in virtually all other parts of the world.  They also feature prominently in folk tales and religious literature.  For example, in the Book of Genesis, 6:4, the Bible mentions a race of giants, called "nephelim," which were the offspring of angels and humankind. Similarly, in the Epic of Gilgamesh - the oldest known work of literature - Gilgamesh tames and befriends a wild man named Enkidu, who was a giant.

In the immediate vicinity of the pyramidal structure already discovered, the team has identified several large hills.  Each of these may, in fact, turn out to be an as-yet uncovered pyramid.  If this proves true, this discovery will be one of the largest pyramid complexes ever discovered. Whether it turns out to be the fabled Lost City of Giants, however, remains uncertain.  Regardless, it is worthy of further, careful exploration.

There is a short video clip discussing the Ecuadorian site, which can be viewed here:

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