Oct 31, 2013

'Abused Goddesses' Campaign Condemns India's Alarming Rate Of Domestic Violence

As October draws to a close, so does another Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the US.  Just because the month is ending, however, does not mean that we of good conscience should rest on our laurels, as it were.  Now is precisely the time to renew your opposition to domestic violence, and be prepared to speak up for victims wherever they may be.

In India, for example, 68% of all women are victims of domestic violence.  To combat this tide of abuse, an innovative ad campaign has been launched by an organization called "Save Our Sisters."  The campaign is entitled "Abused Goddesses," and it features living recreations of old Indian paintings of various goddesses, each with provocative modifications showing abuse.

Here are some examples from the ad campaign:

You can read more about the "Abused Goddesses" campaign at BuzzFeed.  From a marketing viewpoint, I think it is an ingenious way to convey the anti-violence campaign's ideals and mission.  Likewise, from a mythologist's viewpoint, I am thrilled to see the use of religious art and iconography in such a bold, different way.  

What do you think?  Do you think this is an effective way to combat domestic violence? 

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