Oct 21, 2013

A Week's Worth Of Fearsome Folklore You Thought You Knew

Announcement:  New Halloween Article Series

We are pleased to announce a departure from our regular blogging schedule here at Myth Beliefs.  The reason for the interruption is to assemble, write and post a rapid-fire series of articles in anticipation and celebration of that most legendary of holidays for any myth lover - and my personal favorite - Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve. 

The Goal:  7 Tales In 7 Days, October 24th - October 31st

Each day, for one week, beginning on October 24th and concluding on October 31st, we will be posting 7 re-writes of  some seemingly well-known folklore tales.  Seemingly, because most - if not all - of these stories will seem strangely familiar to many readers.  However, as with all good stories, we are adding one slight twist - in this case, the ring of truth. 

To appease the "spirits" of the Halloween season, as it were, we will examine the "unedited" versions of these 7 so-called "bedtime stories."  At the end of our journey, we think you will agree that these tales are, each in their own right, a thousand times more terrifying and ghastly than you or Disney ever imagined. 

What You Can Do:  Contribute, Contribute, Contribute!

We have 7 lined up.  However, that does not preclude anyone from suggesting a story for inclusion.  Perhaps, you have a favorite that you believe would suit the idea of this series perfectly.  Let us know in the next few days, and we may just include it.  If you feel like writing something of your own, by all means, give us the opportunity to post your work for all to enjoy.

Whether you contribute or not, by all means, we hope you read these tales with enjoyment.  Let us know what you think! 

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