Jul 30, 2013

Want To Find Out What Archetype You Are? Try Archetype.Me

When I am not immersed in something related to history or folklore, I actually swing in just about as polar opposite a direction as one might swing - I am a dyed-in-the-wool techy.  I love just about all things pertaining to technology, almost as much as I love mythology.

What can I say, I am a contradiction in terms.

If you read my Welcome page introducing you to the concept behind Myth Beliefs, you will find a lot of (I hope) useful information about the concept of "archetypes."  I won't repeat that here, other than to say it's worth reading and gaining a working familiarity with the concept, if it's not one with which you are already familiar.

This evening, I found an interesting website - called Archetype.Me - where users can take a short quiz to find out what archetype or types they are.  Users are given percentage scores based on their answers to a series of questions.  Among the possible outcomes are "creative," intellectual," and so on.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy or reliability of the website, but it was great fun taking the quiz.

A word of caution.  At the conclusion of the quiz, the site offers you the option of creating an account for some extra goodies, including a newspaper-like feed of information based on your archetypal scores.  I was unable to actually fill out the sign up form, but believe this was due to a glitch on my end and not necessarily the site itself.

However, if anyone at Archetype.Me knows of problems similar to this that other users have commented upon, please let us know.  I thought I would try to sign up again at another time this week.

I would like to end by commenting that I found Archetype.Me through my homepage provider, AllMyFaves, a truly wonderful resource for new, interesting, useful or quirky websites, apps, games and more.  I am just a satisfied user/customer of AllMyFaves; I have no stake in the company.  However, I believe it is a great website, and highly recommend its services.

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